Our Commitment to Cleanliness

Here at Signal Inn, the safety of our guests is now and always will be our highest priority. We take many preventative measures to ensure the health of everyone we are so grateful to serve. On a daily basis, we’re working to ensure that our vacation rentals meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning. These health safety measures include but are not limited to:

Wiping Down

Wiping down all electronics, drawer pulls, door knobs, handles etc.

Washing Hands

Washing hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Avoiding Touching

Eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as shaking hands.

Hospital Grade

Sanitizers and disinfectants used throughout the clean process.

All Employees

Who display symptoms of illness must seek medical assistance and stay home.

Follow “American Chemistry Council’s”

Guidelines for cleaning in commercial settings list in between guest stays.

Next Level Gulf Coast Cleaning

Many years in the vacation rental and hospitality business has provided a great deal of experience that keeps our guests and employees healthy and happy. Our team of housekeeping professionals follow protocol and always look for ways to improve upon their services. Every vacation rental is inspected prior to our guest arrival to ensure it meets our standards. Inspectors follow a specific Signal Inn vacation rental cleaning checklist that is unique to each unit.